The Animorphs Fan Art & Fic Competition

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blue_rampion wrote in anicomp


Are you an artist or writer? Do you love Animorphs? Then this is the competition for you! This is Round Three of the animorphs regular fanworks competition, where you can win prizes and eternal glory!

Each competition will have a theme - for this round, the theme is Love Under Fire. This theme was chosen by rena_librarian, who won the Fan Art category of the special re-release edition of the competition, and thus won the right to pick one of the next two themes.

To enter the competition, entrants will either write fiction or draw art relating to the theme. These will then be submitted in a comment to this post, where they will be screened to preserve anonymity. After the due date, these entries will then be posted to the community by the moderator. Entries will be divided into two categories, 'fan fiction' and 'fan art'. The community will then vote for which entries they would like to win in each category. Polls will remain open for a week, after which the winner of each poll will be announced and awarded their prizes.

  1. Create your fanwork - it must be related to this round's topic, which is Love Under Fire
  2. Email your entry to blue[dot]rampion[at]gmail[dot]com, with your LiveJournal username and "fan art / fic contest entry" in the subject line
  3. You may also include a title if you wish, and/or a summary for fan fic entries. However, this is not required
  4. Make sure your entry is submitted before the due date: entries submitted after the due date will not be accepted


The following prizes will be awarded to the winner of each category:
  • A personalised Animorphs banner
  • Eternal Animorphs fame

  1. No adult/NSFW (Not Safe For Work) entries allowed
  2. Each applicant is allowed one entry, and one entry only - you may not submit to both the fan fiction and fan art categories
  3. You may not vote for yourself (however you may vote for other entries)
  4. All entries must be submitted by 10AM October 1, UTC (See here to find what time this is in your zone)
  5. All entries must be related to the theme
  6. You may have written or drawn your entries before, but they may not have been published anywhere
  7. There is no word or size limit for entries
  8. Collaborations are permitted, but all winnings will be shared between each collaborator


If you need to ask any questions or want something clarified, just ask here or send me an email.


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