The Animorphs Fan Art & Fic Competition

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Round Two | Fan Art | Entry #1
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blue_rampion wrote in anicomp
Round: Two
Category: Fan Art
Title: NA
Artist: lisacharly & faux_folklore
Warnings: None

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This is beautiful! I love the shades which make it seem like the morph is in progress. It would have been perfect if Tobias as a hawk was in the middle of it all, but as it is, it's a very lovely piece of art - the mid-way transformations must have been difficult to draw! Well done :D

Ohhhhh I have a guess for who did this one ^_^

And because of this I'm going to draw silly parallels about Rachel being next to Marco as Jake is next to Cassie, and about why the gorilla clearly is smirking.

Love the shading!

Love it! Very solid piece of work xD

This is incredible. Love the powerful punch of this piece. Everything from the color choice, to the placement, to the drawing style feels very graphic. The shading/lighting is a nice dramatic touch as well. Really just beautiful work all around.

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