The Animorphs Fan Art & Fic Competition

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Round Two | Fan Art | Entry #2
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blue_rampion wrote in anicomp
Round: Two
Category: Fan Art
Title: NA
Artist: 1111_am
Warnings: Spoilers for "Visser"

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Wow this is a very evocative piece.. the details are proportional and amazing and the lines seem to pull at me too - if that even makes sense. Marco's emotions are so palpable - and is Jake crying? Brilliant piece of work! (:

Wow, incredible detail. Took me a while to figure out which spoilers you meant for Visser, means I need to re-read the book, hahah. :)

I love the drawing style of this. The intricate and detailed lines coupled with the flat coloring is really interesting. I love how you picked a particular scene out of the books too!

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